Table of Contents

Opening the Good Eye: A Path to True Seeing

Forward by Julie DuBose

Part One: True Seeing 

Habitual Ways of Seeing
Why We Do Not See Clearly
The Obstacle of Familiarity
Associations  and Labeling
Losing Freshness
How Does a Fresh Perception Occur?
Experiencing the Gaps in Our Mind
The Flash of Perception
Qualities of the Flash of Perception

Part Two: The Practice of True Seeing 

The Prime Directive: Go With the Flash
The Three Clarities
Clarity of Perception
The Human Camera
Clarity of Understanding
Resting the Mind
The Inner Viewfinder
Clarity of Expression
The Instrument of Expression

Part Three: The Fruition of True Seeing

The Ordinary World
The Flavor of Fresh
Direct Seeing is Self-Existing
Abandoning Ambition

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